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Would You Like Insider Access To My Most Powerful Business Growth Strategies?

Hi, Robert Martinez here...

If you want to grow a thriving Coaching Business, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why...

You see, I've been a coach and consultant for over 23 years; 15 of those years I've spent running my own companies, working with small business owners just like you. 

I've dedicated the last 4 years exclusively to help other coaches, and more specifically helping other coaches to expand their reach, attract more clients, and grow, and grow, and grow their business!

Now, this is a long letter and deliberately so, becuase I want to give you all the facts to make an informed decision.

I want you to know exactly what you'll get, how you'll benefit, who this is for, and who this is not for.  I spell it all out below.

I've worked with some of the most inspiring, insightful and hard-working coaches in the industry.  

And I can say from experience, without a shadow of a doubt, that the biggest source of misery for coaches, their main frustration...

...is they have so much to offer their clients - yet they are not generating enough income to keep their business going.


Because they struggle to generate enough leads and enough clients on a consistent basis.

Winning Clients Consistently
Without Being Pushy or Salesy

This was something that I struggled with too, when I first started out.

I was overwhelmed with all the options and conflicting advice I heard from "experts" at every corner.

I didn't want to become the "pushy salesperson" type that many of the experts suggested I become.

Nor did I want to spend every waking hour marketing my business. I wanted to spend my time working with my clients.

What I really needed were simple, "non-salesy" techniques to quickly get me in front of potential clients, so I could show them how I could help.

Longer term, I needed strategies to position myself as an expert and get clients coming to me - clients who wanted to work with me.  And I needed those strategies to work on 'autp-pilot', so I could focus on helping my clients do great work.

Eventually​, after much trial and error (and a lot of painful experiences), I found some simple methods that worked, and worked well. 

Later on, as I began focusing strictly on helping other coaches, I discovered these simple techniques worked brilliantly for them too!

I started getting feedback that they were attracting more prospects (more of their ideal clients!), getting more strategy sessions, and securing new business.

More importantly, we devised sustainable marketing systems which allowed them to generate a steady stream of leads (and clients!) on a regular basis – without having to spend all their time networking, cold calling or tediously marketing the hard way. Score!!

​That's when I decided I should share those techniques in a bigger way…a way where more coaches could take advantage of the benefits.

And Coaching Business Success Club was born.

The information and techniques we share in the Success Club helped one member to have her best month in business ever (ever!!) during her first month as a member!

And I want help you put those same strategies, techniques and tools to work for you. 

Your Complete Resource To Building a
Sustainable Marketing System That Will 
Get You More Clients

Success Club is where I share my most powerful, cutting edge, outrageously effective business growth strategies…with you!

These are tested, proven strategies to help you attract more prospects and gain more clients. These are strategies that get results.

Success Club is built to get you results FAST!

The truth is that every business is different. Your business isn't the same as any other coach's.

So a cookie-cutter approach isn't going to work for you, especially not the ones touted by online marketers who have no experience with the services we provide or the clients we serve.

That's why Coaching Business Success Club is filled with all the best strategies - specifically for coaches!

Proven strategies that will work for you, in your unique situation.

And you get personal feedback and business advice (from me!) to tailor your strategies and keep you on the right track. 

How great is that??  Me…working on your business!!

Here's what you get in Success Club:​

  • Member ONLY Step-By-Step Training Videos
    I create and deliever Member ONLY training videos in response to what you say, you think you need.  I take you through every step you need to get varying aspects of your lead generation and marketing strategies firing on all cylinders.
  • Whiteboard Wednesday's - Two LIVE Webinars Each Month
    Join me twice each month for a direct to camera, business building webinar session, where I show you all the best approaches to building your coaching business and answer whatever questions you have, LIVE.  Don't worry if you cannot make the LIVE sessions, we solicit your questions throughout the month and also make the video recordings available to you in our Success Club member OnNLY Facebook group page.
  • Learn Successful Tactics From Other Coaches
    Learn from those who are "one-rung-up" the implemtation ladder and see what is working, and what's not, from other successful coaches and save time implementing  proven systems and tactics that work!  Things that help your business grow!
    Getting their input on what's worked (or not worked) for them could save you months of trial and error and get you to a solution you might never have come up with at all, by yourself.
  • Get Your Marketing and Automation Questions Answered
    We have a private group on Facebook for Success Club members only. 
    One of the things that hold most coaches back is getting quick answers to the questions that drive taking action.  Get the information you need, when you need it, by asking inside our private facebokk group, so you can take the next needed step in your business.  Not only will me or my team answer your questions, the other members of Success Club will engage as well, sharing there experiences.
  • Exclusive Access To Replay Videos of My Popular Web Classes
    I am constantly being asked to offer replays of my ongoing in-depth web based training classes, and I have held back…until now. ONLY Success Club Members are granted access to these highly sought-after training session recordings.  Watch them as often as you like!

Who Is Coaching Business Success Club For?

(And Who Is It Not For?)

By now you should have a reasonable idea of whether Success Club will provide the kind of support you're looking for in your business.

But I have to say at this point that it's definitely not for everyone.

Success Club is not a generic training about marketing, or sales, or automation tools for just any type of business - it’s specifically for coaches; coaches who either deliver a service in-person, deliver services remotely, or who share their expertise through online trainings.

It’s is very clearly not some kind of get rich quick scheme.

This is something for coaches who have genuine value to impart to their prospects, leads, and clients.

It’s for coaches who want to obtain more prospects, leads and clients in the simplest, easiest ways possible.

It’s for coaches who have questions about how to do that and who are prepared to put in the time and effort to make it happen.

And it’s for coaches who are ready...to actually do it!!

 - Ready to learn!
 - Ready to implement!
 - Ready to succeed!
 - Ready to grow!

So this is not something for you to join then not participate.  This is for you to actively use to help grow your business.

You need to be ready to devote at least a couple of hours a week to your business through the Success Club, either in the Facebook Group learning new strategies and techniques, asking questions, or in your business implementing those new strategies and techniques to attract and win more clients.

And, frankly, this is not for you if you're financially strapped and the monthly investment would be an impossible stretch for you. I want you to be full of energy and focused on getting new clients, not worrying about dollars.

So, if you're not in a position where this investment can easily integrate into your business budget, then focus on my free material, instead.

It will help you grow your business and you can come back to Coaching Business Success Club when you're ready.

There’s a guiding ethos in Success Club. I recently asked members what their guiding principles were in business and what I heard the most was integrityhelping othersadding value and enjoying the journey.

So if this sounds like you, and you want the best training and support available to help you grow your coaching business, then Success Club is for you. ​

Read on to find out how you can access Success Club.


Coaching Business Success Club

As you've just heard, Success Club is a collection of my very best training and resources to help you attract more prospects, capture more leads, and get more clients.

Yes! Who doesn't want more of that!??

Success Club helps you set up a systematic marketing process that will keep bringing clients to you on a regular basis.

If you're interested in getting the experience, knowledge, step-by-step guides, and feedback on what you’re doing that you get from Success Club - then one way you could do it would be to go to my website and book as many 45 minute calls with me, at $497 per call, as it would take (and it would probably take quite a few).​

Or you could sign up for Success Club at just $37 per month.

You can look over all the training and ask all your questions in the private Facebook group.

You may cancel at any time by simply sending my amazing Support team an email and there will be no further payments.​

Sound good? I'd love to have you on board and help you start growing a truly thriving coaching business.

Just click the button below and let's get going!

Coaching Business Success Club

(Just $37/Month)

Join Coaching Business Success Club For Just $37/Month

 - Robert